To Colour

February 4th 2020

How are you so beautiful?

Everything… absolutely everything about you is beautiful.

With effort I could find a better word for you, but it is with simplicity with which I want to express my appreciation for you. I don’t want to dance around you with fancy words or expressions that mean nothing in the end. I can’t explain it, it’s so ingrained in me that I don’t have a beginning for my adoration.

It’s always… been there.


April 2nd 2020

In my dreams I find myself running.
I feel the pounding of my heart, my lungs expanding
as if they’ve never tasted oxygen.
My feet hitting the pavement, my arms following the movement.
Exhaustion never comes, as though
I could run forever.

A Walk with Rothko

April 10th 2020

. I’ve never done this before. I have never travelled so far to see one thing. 4 hours of travelling, just to see one painting. Will it even be that special? Will I gain anything from the experience or will I lose some hope in my profession?

Step One

June 9th 2020

Everything I put into painting, has to come from a genuine place. It can’t be faked or tried. If it does it wouldn’t feel real, tangible.
The work would deflate like a balloon popped by a pin. It has to be genuine.
The thought that begins the process has to be real. Or I wouldn’t even start.